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The new Canter. Efficiency in Transportation.

The transport solution you choose needs to be flexible, reliable and above all else, cost effective.

The new Canter is packed full of innovation. Such as the DUONIC dual-clutch transmission – a world first. The automatic start/stop function (ISS). Independent front suspension for all 3.5-ton models. And these are just a few examples. The result? Greater efficiency. Greater comfort and convenience for your daily transportation needs. And greater economy for our business.

Boasting a new design and outstanding efficiency, the new Canter is ready to get the job done for you. Augmented by innovations such as DUONIC, the world's first fully automated dualclutch transmission for trucks.

An optimised powertrain delivers significant fuel savings, while the fully modified frame concept ensures good body-mounting ability and further increases the payload. Also making its debut: the new independent front suspension for the 3.5t Canter. All designed to boost efficiency and enhance comfort.

The new Canter —

Exactly the right solution, every time: The choice is yours:

Two-meter-wide single and double comfort cabs are available for 3.5t and 7.5t GVWs. Regardless of which Canter is your first choice, they are all efficient and easy to use.

An outstanding feature of the Canter range is its high payload capacity. The Canter is available in 3.5 t & 7.5t Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) versions, with the 7.5t range offering a class leading-payload of up to 4,180kg, depending on the body variant.

Gross Payload is calculated as the Gross Vehicle Weight less the unladen (or Kerb) weight. And the heavier the payload, the heavier the truck you need. Here’s a guide to the payload allowance for the Canter range.

Your allowable payload will depend on the GVW of your vehicle. This is simply the total weight of the vehicle including any body, load, fuel, driver, passengers, tools etc.

Standard Cab or Crew Cab

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